Intel XDK on openSUSE Leap 42.1 KDE

(This post is the English version of previous post. I’m not native English so sorry for my English. :p)

Yesterday, I got a problem when I want to Install Intel XDK on openSUSE Leap 42.1 KDE version. Intel XDK installer said that GTK library is not installed or installed version is not compatible

error gtk2 intel xdk

Expectation : Install gtk2 using 1-Click Install from and then install Intel XDK
Reality : YaST failed to get metadata from one of the repository. I think they prepare for Leap 42. Haha

I think I need to find another solution on Google. Then I land to Gentoo Wiki. Followed the steps, but it isn’t enough. And this is the complete steps to solve this problem. I’m using Intel XDK 3641.

Intel XDK installer only find for package named gtk2, but when I run zypper in gtk2 in terminal, it said that 'libgtk-2_0-0' providing 'gtk2' is already installed. It makes me sure to do all this thing (eh)

First thing to do is install the intel-xdk-pset-3641.0-0.noarch.rpm package that can be found in the rpm folder. Use command below to install it (make sure you are inside the Intel XDK folder – check it using pwd)

(xdk_web_linux64_3641) $ sudo zypper in rpm/intel-xdk-pset-3641.0-0.noarch.rpm

Next step is extract the intel-xdk-3641.0.0.tgz archive (inside the rpm folder) and move it to /opt/intel/xdk. I’m using GUI (hehe) so just right click and Extract, then move it using Dolphin – Super User Mode.

Last, delete broken symlink and make a new symlink using commands below.

$ cd /opt/intel/XDK
(/opt/intel/XDK) $ sudo rm
(/opt/intel/XDK) $ sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/

Voila! Now try to run

(/opt/intel/XDK) $ ./

Intel XDK

If you want Intel XDK appear in the Application Launcher, just right click in Application Launcher and click Edit Application and make new entry there.

Happy coding šŸ™‚

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