When people use Windows, I use Linux

When people use Photoshop, I use GIMP.
When people use CorelDraw, I use Inkscape.
When people use Windows Movie Maker, I use OpenShot.
When people use Windows Media Player, I use Movie Player (Totem).
When people use Winamp, I use Audacious.
When people use Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, ICQ and GTalk apps I use Pidgin.
When people use TweetDeck, I use Gwibber, Hotot and KDE Microblog. (Adobe AIR was not supported Linux)
When people use Microsoft Office, I use OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Abiword and Gnumeric.
When people use Notepad, I use Gedit, Kate, Leafpad, Mousepad, nano, vi and vim.
When people use mouse when installing a new program, I use keyboard to type the command (now you can use mouse too :)).
When people use mouse to operate the computer, I use both mouse to click and keyboard to type the command (in Terminal and tty1-6).
When people double-click to open an application, I use Wine to open a Windows application.
When people installing antivirus, I doesn’t use that (but sometimes you can install it just like ClamAV, AVG, BitDefender etc) .
When people confused about their computer , I asked Google.
When people frustrated about virus, I just keep calm.
When people frustrated about BSOD, I just asked Google about ‘kernel panic’. (rarely happens)
When people must reinstall their computer, I just upgrade the OS.
And when people said ‘this is the end of their computer’, I said ‘this is the beginning of my computer’.
How to explain all sentences? Just one sentence.
"When people use Windows, I use Linux."

Just a dummy opinion from a dummy linuxer.
By someone who frustrated about his exam and use Windows on his phone πŸ™‚

Muhammad Refa Utama Putra


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